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About Us

Our Company was formed in January 1997 under the name and title of Tracs Marketing, as authorized Marketing Company for various leading Brands of Industrial Products mainly catering to Cement, Steel, Power Units and others in the Core Sector. All through the major focus was on providing Applications Solutions to tricky problems.

Due to evolution of the Market conditions we started Manufacturing in a small way catering to very Special Application Products connected to Electrical Actuators, Damper Gates, Specific Electronic Weighing Solutions and first time in INDIA developed a Electro-Mechanical Wire Rope Overload Protector, mainly used for Crane Overload Protection. Currently we have catered to very many Industrial Clients, directly or through O.E.Ms and can offer Application Engineered Products to suite site conditions.

We have now extensive facility to custom built Electrical Actuators, Pipeline Dampers, Custom Built Gates, Wire Rope Overload Protectors Etc. to complete satisfaction of customers. We have now Manufacturing facilities at Mumbai, & a Heavy Fabrication Facility at Nashik in Maharashtra, India, to cater to practically all Sizes and Capacity of Equipments offered by us.

Our Endeavour is to provide Application Solutions on demand. MANUFACTURING SET UP (MUMBAI)